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We understand that buying a house for the first time can be stressful and challenging, but we hope that the resources below can assist you in your efforts to afford a down payment and secure your first home loan. Below is some additional information on first time home buyer assistance. You can also take a look at our First Time Home Buyers Informational Handout for a list of resources available.

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A NEW down payment assistance program for Alameda County. AC Boost provides financial assistance to middle-income working households to purchase a home in Alameda County.  The program offers shared appreciation loans of up to $150,000 to first-time home-buyers who live in, work in, or have been displaced from Alameda County. Applying for AC Boost is free, fast, and simple! AC Boost is funded by Alameda County Measure A1 and administered by nonprofit organization Hello Housing.

Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Housing

A Below-Market-Rate (BMR) home is a home that is priced to be affordable to households that are low to moderate income. Usually, the BMR price is lower than the prices of similar homes that are being sold on the open market. BMR owners must occupy the home as their primary residence and cannot rent the home.

Purchasing a home is a very exciting time, and being well prepared will help you make better decisions. Take this opportunity to learn more about home buying and the mortgage process. Below and throughout this site you will find information that will help you with the purchase of your new home. 


Jas Bains helped my husband & I purchase our first home 8 1/2 years ago. So it was only natural that we would have her assist us in selling that same exact home back in August 18 '. Anytime my husband had any questions - Jas was always responsive whether it was via phone call, text or email. It's such a blessing knowing that you have the most qualified person to handle the transaction. I can sincerely appreciate the fact that Jas was super patient with us and was never quick to rush us in making any decision. The process from beginning to the closing was extremely seamless and painless all thanks to Jas's professionalism, being knowledgeable, dependable, consistent and staying very communicative. I would recommend Jas Bains to anyone of my family or friends.


Thanks Jas!!! Purva and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done in helping us locate our dream home, and guiding us through every step of the transaction. I'll remember this as one of the best experiences thus far and am glad it came around when we were making the biggest investment of our lives. Your dedication to your customers, work ethics and professionalism is commendable and we intend to continue this relationship into the future.

-Sandeep Sinha

Jas was a pleasure to work with and a true professional with a wealth of valuable experience to offer even the experienced home buyer. We were continually impressed by her responsiveness, helpful insights and impressive follow-through on questions we had and issues that arose throughout the process. Thanks Jas 


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